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CountryTotal CasesTotal DeathDeath RateRecoveryActive
Worldwide12011637% 9697306-11823
1181% NAN1
1001% NAN1
1581% NAN1
2131% NAN1
2171% NAN1
1661% NAN1
621% NAN1
2061% NAN1
2191% NAN1
76173% INF-72
1451% NAN1
171% NAN1
991% NAN1
11% NAN1
71% NAN1
411% NAN1
1721% NAN1
241% NAN1
671% NAN1
1291% NAN1
1541% NAN1
2051% NAN1
15012% INF-1
1821% NAN1
1121% NAN1
1781% NAN1
1281% NAN1
331% NAN1
371% NAN1
1381% NAN1
1021244% INF3-246
1971% NAN1
1961% NAN1
981% NAN1
61% NAN1
1521% NAN1
161% NAN1
1481% NAN1
2111% NAN1
811% NAN1
641% NAN1
1691% NAN1
821% NAN1
1571% NAN1
1921% NAN1
501% NAN1
1031% NAN1
291% NAN1
1701% NAN1
1641% NAN1
2181% NAN1
2101% NAN1
1741% NAN1
1911% NAN1
2071% NAN1
921349% INF1-349
1331% NAN1
51% NAN1
261% NAN1
1261% NAN1
461% NAN1
341% NAN1
141% NAN1
271% NAN1
121% NAN1
731% NAN1
177118% INF-17
421% NAN1
751% NAN1
2812954% INF48-3001
541% NAN1
901% NAN1
841% NAN1
801% NAN1
1651% NAN1
1341% NAN1
16011% INF0
2041% NAN1
231% NAN1
361% NAN1
1061% NAN1
701% NAN1
1041% NAN1
321% NAN1
2121% NAN1
911% NAN1
175132% INF-31
1801% NAN1
631% NAN1
1117483% INF250-7732
1431% NAN1
1841% NAN1
1241% NAN1
1471% NAN1
2161% NAN1
1211% NAN1
1491% NAN1
1101% NAN1
831% NAN1
1321% NAN1
1011% NAN1
2001% NAN1
2141% NAN1
931% NAN1
861% NAN1
1671% NAN1
711% NAN1
1631% NAN1
1591% NAN1
561% NAN1
1081% NAN1
2021% NAN1
791481% INF4-484
441% NAN1
721% NAN1
511% NAN1
381% NAN1
471% NAN1
1141% NAN1
971% NAN1

COVID-19 Data

We scan many official and informal sources for the topicality and accuracy of the data. You can access all detailed information from the World Health Organization website.
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What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a symptomatic disease. Coronavirus symptoms, also referred to as "corona virus" or "corona virus", can be listed as follows: dry cough, fever, weakness, muscle joint pain, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, pneumonia, respiratory distress, shortness of breath, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting anorexia. Among the symptoms of coronavirus, the most common symptoms are fever, cough and respiratory distress. In severe cases, pneumonia, severe respiratory failure, kidney failure and death may develop.

It is a disease with a large coronavirus damage that occurs with a picture similar to the common cold. Watching with a heavier table than flu causes death. Coronavirus is a flu-like disease in its appearance. Respiratory symptoms; fever, cough and dyspnea are the main symptoms. In more serious coronavirus cases; pneumonia, severe respiratory failure, kidney failure and even death can be observed.

How long is the coronavirus incubation period?

It is thought that coronavirus (Covid19) cases can be up to 14 days according to MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV epidemiology knowledge. According to scientific publications published so far, the incubation period accepted is between 2-14 days. As a matter of fact, the incubation period of the new type of coronavirus (kovid19) takes much longer than the incubation period of the diseases caused by flu and colds that are common in humans.

Who are at risk in covid-19?

This picture is even more severe, especially in the elderly, those with cancer or immunosuppressive diseases, and those with lung diseases. It can be said that there are different underlying diseases in all those who lost their lives due to Kovid-19.

Coronavirus can affect everyone; however, according to the available data, Kovid-19 was found to be the most susceptible to serious complications; older people, those with weak immune systems, cancer patients, people with lung disease, diabetes (diabetes), hypertension patients, those who use immunosuppressive drugs, and those with chronic health problems.

There is no vaccine that can prevent Kovid-19 yet; However, by strengthening the immune system, body resistance against coronavirus can be increased.