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1vs1 Compare and Decide Platform

1vs1 is an objective smart comparison platform focused on technical knowledge on a variety of topics, from phones, cpu, gpu, mobile cpu, other technology products, athletes, countries and cities.

In today's changing technology world, it is really difficult to choose between dozens of new products, new features, new technologies that appear every day. That's why the platform offers you a comparison platform that can help you choose the most ideal and right one for you with an understandable, simple, simple interface.

Military Power Comparisons of Countries


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WikiVia has set off with the motto "minimum code and maximum data" and is designed using the latest technologies that create speed with minimum code in the software infrastructure. high-speed CloudFlare name servers in the domain infrastructure for those who have wondered via.wi and server publising at USA location. In front-end technologies, javascript amp framework, optimized css and simple html5 responsive design are used, and speed and design are maximized in terms of user experience.